Nothingness ain't nothing

No skill on display, producing discreet pieces in exact opposition to large, bright and colourful things/images.

To reveal it by its absence.

Shikantaza (只管打坐) - as it is - suchness 

Mono no aware (物の哀れ) empathy for discreet things, sensitivity to the ephemeral, the art of impermanence.

"The admirable austerity of the void." - Derek Jarman

Vincent Van Gogh Autoportrait - Arles - 1889

"Qui est assez invisible pour te voir?"  - Paul Celan in Renverse le Souffle , 1967

...When living in  Japan as a young performer in the 80s, I was befriend by Noriaki Yokosuka. He was from noble descent. in April, the time when people gather under the cherry trees for the blossom and the fall of the leaves, he told me: in my family, we used to stay at home, look through the window, and imagine the cherry blossom... I joined him.

"L’essence de la grande Voie est d’agir avec détermination mais sans effort. L’absence d’effort permet de ne pas s’attacher aux conventions, aux formes ni aux images en usage là où l’on se trouve et, comme ce non-effort s’accompagne d’actes délibérés, on évite de tomber dans le vide indifférent, la vacuité morte."

Le Secret de la Fleur d’Or – Lou Yan – Chine, XVIIIeme siècle

"The essence of the great way is to act purposefully without striving. Because of nonstriving, one does not cling to local conventions, forms, or images; but because of not striving yet acting purposefully, one does not fall into indifferent emptiness, dead voidness."

The Secret of the Golden Flower - Lou Yan - China, XVIII cent.